Monday, March 26, 2007

warning: feminism is bad for your health

I thought about trying to make up a creative, catchy, witty title for this post.
But there's not much point.
The title of the original article is really better than any humorous one-liner I could come up with.

Yes, they're seriously arguing that gender-equity (which has been reached, don'tchaknow) is contributing to lower life expectancies.

Because it's not, oh I don't know, the weight of the patriarchy hanging around these women's necks and pressing down on them for actually being successful or anything. Nope, patriarchy's got nothing to do with it. Neither does capitalism or racism or heterosexism/homophobia. It's those damn feminists. Obviously.
(Who, by virtue of being "pro-abortion," are also to blame for human trafficking, child abuse, poverty in Africa, the commodification of sex, and sexual assault. At least, according to 'Dr.' John Diggs [yes, that's from WND, and normally I would give it no credence, but I saw this guy talk, and he really does believe this crap].)

(Jill has a better, more well-researched and well-cited commentary.)