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About This Blog.

february 17, 2008.

i wrote this on the drive "home" yesterday (to my hometown...which is hardly somewhere i can call home). i was thinking, as usual, about activism and healing and social justice and the intersections between / among them.

oh, and yes, by "writing this on the drive home," i do quite literally mean writing while driving. with a pen and notebook. what? it's totally safe.

(btw, i'm back-dating this entry so it's linkable from the sidebar.)

This Blog Is:

-a site of healing.
in a social, political, activist world that rarely, if ever, values healing - whether on an individual level or on a true, full, love-based political / social level.

-in transition, transitioning, (has) transitioned.
from a blog dedicated almost entirely to detached, self-avoidant political commentary to a record of my own personal healing journey, cast in the light of feminism / activism. and, correspondingly, concurrently, conversely, it is a critique/analysis/interpretation of feminism and social justice work from a place of healing, from a place that values healing work.

-bringing individual healing and social justice work into conversation with each other. because, truly, they are related. intimately related. and, for me, both are indispensable. and inseparable.

-a work in progress. (click that link for further explanation of this transformation, as detailed in an earlier post.)

So, in reading this, I ask of you:
Look beyond (but also within) my personal narratives of healing that follow, that will follow. Find the political meaning, the political implications, if I haven't already explicated that aspect of my narrative. This isn't about navel-gazing. This is political. This is about healing. This is about social change. Individual healing and change, after all, is social change. And individual healing is an inherently revolutionary act.

Thus begins my revolution.

the things i'm healing from will probably be pretty obvious in a lot of the posts. but just in case the allusions don't quite satiate your curiosity, see here:
a poem. spoken word. written for the 2006 take back the night speakout.
and my story. (also written in 2006, so my perspective has evolved...kind of a lot. but the facts of the story remain.)

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