Sunday, June 18, 2006

still alive

Just a quick post to say that yes, I'm still around. I've got about 10 things saved in my email that I want to blog about, and I keep meaning to do so, but I just haven't gotten around to it quite yet. Things have been kind of crazy, what with the end of the semester (ok, it was like 4 weeks ago, but it's taken a while to recuperate) and settling in down here in Washington, DC for the summer.
My internship (at the Women's Campaign Forum) has also been providing lots of things I want to blog about...and I will, soon. I swear.

For now, though, I'll leave you with something I've gleaned thus far from said internship; some Republicans aren't all that bad. Like Martha Rainville, who's running for Congress from Vermont. She's one of our endorsed candidates, and I met her (well, kind of. I gave her a name tag and found her a cab) at the event we had a couple weeks ago, and she's awesome.

Pro-choice and fabulous, of course. Sometimes (not often, but sometimes), I really love Republicans. Specifically, Republicans named Martha Rainville. Oh, and Christine Todd Whitman is pretty fucking awesome too.

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silverside said...

Hey, congratulations on your internship! Look forward to hearing what you think about all that.

Back in my day, it seems like a lot of college-aged feminists went to DC and came back very disillusioned. Hopefully, you will get something useful and helpful out of the experience.