Friday, July 07, 2006

a million little carnivals

I've missed a ton during my hiaitus. Sorry 'bout that.

I'll try to go through and talk a little bit about a bunch of these, but for now, a handy little list of the more recent ones (in no particular order):

Similar to the blogging campaign I participated in a while back (Blog to Raise Awareness About Sexual Violence), Marcella has started what I guess is going to be a recurring carnival: the Carnival Against Sexual Violence. Number 1 is here, from June 1st. Number two is here, from July 1st.
Next one will go up on the 15th, and I'll link to it then.

And the carnival of feminists...well, I've missed a few, since the last one I blogged about was the 10th, and they're up to the 18th now.
So, links to the last couple:
Carnival of Feminists Number 18 at Ink and Incapability, up as of July 5th.
And the Seventeenth Carnival of Feminists at Bitch|Lab, published on June 21st.

And then there are The Gays with their damn Homosexual Agenda(tm) at the Carnival of Bent Attractions. The couple most recent ones:
The Seventh Carnival of Bent Attractions at 2sides2ron, up on June 10th.
And the Sixth Carnival of Bent Attractions at Multidimensional.Me, up on May 10th.

And lastly, the Radical Women of Color Carnival. I've missed a bunch of these, too, so the last couple:
The Fifth Radical Women of Colo(u)r Carnival at Fabulosa Mujer, up on June 6th.
And the Fourth Radical Women of Colo(u)r Carnival at blac(k)ademic, up as of May 6th.

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