Monday, January 22, 2007

Blogging for Choice (a roundup)

Some of my favourite posts from Blog for Choice Day from around the blogosphere (etc)...

First, Jill's post is incredible. And emotional. And to the point. And disgustingly well-researched. And just generally awesome.

And then Amanda's introspective + insightful post about her coming into the repro rights/repro justice movement, inspired by her time at the NAPW conference this past weekend. Where she was introduced to Loretta Ross' brand of pro-choice activism - that is, reproductive justice. Which probably has something to do with why her post is so on. Loretta Ross will do that to you.

Dana at Campus Progress: Why I'm Pro-Choice.

Ann's piece at TAP, dissecting the new proposed abortion ban in Georgia. It's similar to the ban in South Dakota, but far more frightening. (Yes, that's possible.)

Scott Lemieux's piece, brilliant as usual, also at TAP, on why Roe was a classed decision, and how "abortion rights" currently mean very little to poor women.

And this one: from QuakerDave.

And lastly, this one from Kyso at punkassblog. "I think, I feel, therefore I am pro-choice." Word.

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Aradia B said...

Thanks for posting. My campaign works on reproductive health awareness in the sense of it being a church-state separation & religious liberty issue.
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