Thursday, July 14, 2005

Rehnquist (finally) in trouble?

Seems that good old Rehny, our favourite Supreme Court Chief Justice, might be giving in to his illness, something that I know I expected long before now.
He was hospitalized with a fever last night, and remains in a hospital in Arlington, VA today.
And as much as I dislike the guy, I'm actually going to root for him not stepping down or dying, because quite honestly, the idea of W. getting to put two Justices on the Court scares the bejesus out of me.
The last president who had the opportunity to nominate two justices? Nixon. And as much as Bushie already sucks, I don't think he really needs any more potential comparisons to our other infamous asshole president (well, one of them at least).

However, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he makes it at least until 2008, until we have a chance to get this Insecure Ruling Dickhead out of office for good.

In the meantime, everyone should go check out NARAL Pro-Choice America's website and take some action to help prevent a Bushie wingnut from being appointed and taking away numerous civil liberties, including a women's right to choose.

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