Sunday, December 04, 2005


Yes, yes, more proof of our rape culture.
It's not that I'm especially obsessed with finding these articles of proof, it's just that they're so fucking prevalent that I can't help but notice them. So I'm sorry if this blog has become Rape Culture Central lately, but...what can I say? It needs to be blogged about, so I'll be the one to do it.

Anyway, in researching for my gender in sport paper, I re-found this site,, which has a huge collection of offensively gendered/stereotypical/heterosexist/racist/etc ads, and criticisms of each trope of advertisements. (A really good site, well worth a look.)

I then found what I presume to be the initial prototype for the site, that explains the "why" of the site's creation.

I hate hate hate the subtlety of the advertising industry and how it plays so perfectly into the hands of the patriarchy. But I can even somewhat handle their being the patriarchy's bitch. What I cannot handle are the following "cartoons" that were, according to the site, featured in magazines such as Playboy, Hustler, and others.

Disgusting is really all I can say about them:

(which was actually something featured on Dr. Phil the other day...I can't find a link to it though, sorry kids)


Wes Solomon said...

I totally agree with you ...

That said the whole 2/3 consenting adults one was pretty damn funny

Scott Lukas said...

Thanks for metioning the Gender Ads Project. The site is currently being updated and will soon be easier to use.