Wednesday, November 30, 2005

holy rape culture, batman

I've been bitching about this and pointing people toward it since it came out last week, yet somehow, I've neglected to blog on it. So here goes, short and sweet:

Amnesty International poll shows that 1/3 of people (in the UK) believe a woman can be to blame for "getting herself raped."

You are at least partially to blame for getting raped if you have:
-been drinking
-worn "provocative" clothing
-not clearly and/or forcefully enunciated the word "no"
-had sex with people before
-done something "obviously" unsafe (e.g. walking alone on the street at night, etc.)

You'd think that the feminist community would rise up and do something about this, or at least denounce the 1/3 of people in the UK that participate in this victim-blaming bullshit.
And, for the most part, a lot of them have. Amanda at Pandagon posted a nice piece on this bullshit, Nick Kiddle at Alas wrote on victim-blaming bullshit (though not directly tied in to the Amnesty poll), Jill at Feministe responded to Nick's post on Alas, and Jessica at feministing blogs on the poll as well.

The comments on the first three (pandagon, feministe, and alas) are worth reading through, if only to make your blood boil with more victim-blaming bullshit coming from self-avowed "feminists".

Ok, now I'm going to do my real work. I swear.

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Wes Solomon said...

I know this sounds overly cliche but getting raped is NEVER the victims fault.

Rape is the action of the rapist not the victim.

That said, it may not be wise for girls to take a guy home with them they don't trust ... but rape is never the victims fault.