Wednesday, November 30, 2005

samsung's gender regime

hat tip to feministing for this one...

Samsung is marketing a new cell phone to women. A "girly" phone, if you will.

Not only is it pink and sparkly (ew), but it has new, "girly" features, like a shopping list-maker, biorhythms, horoscopes, a fat calculator, and an ovulation calendar.

I'm not gonna lie -- the ovulation calendar's a good idea. Probably the only decent feature of the phone. (Even if the article does poo-poo it, implying that it's ridiculous for your phone to know when it's your time of the month...always keeping up the facade of menstruation-as-dirty/embarrassing, that patriarchy is...)

But seriously. The rest of it is fucking ridiculous. Horoscopes? A fucking fat calculator? I thought we were supposed to be empowering women, helping them not to hate their bodies, not invalidating and trivializing their lives. Silly me. I must've forgotten that:

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