Tuesday, November 15, 2005

the reproductive rights angle, nerve-style

The Nerve has recently released a reproductive rights special issue, with articles explaining how Feminists For Life is dangerous and notfeminist, the stigma of multiple abortions, being 'pro-choice with reservations', as well as an amazing interview with Dr. Susan Wood, former FDA Director of the Office for Women's Health, and a few other kickass articles.

They're all really worth a read, so go, read them. And here's a little teaser from the interview:

Q: Medically speaking, is this [emergency contraception/Plan B] considered abortion?
Medically speaking, it is not considered abortion. Progestin [the chemical in EC] is the same natural hormone that a woman's body produces while she's breastfeeding to help prevent her from getting pregnant. If you're comfortable with breastfeeding, you're comfortable with emergency contraception.

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