Saturday, November 05, 2005

back-blogging #2

(From October 29th)

I love me my wingnuts....

Almost as good as Pat Robertson and Focus on the Family....

Pam over at Pandagon calls him, "a Fred Phelps wannabe without the budget to travel." I call him just plain crazy. He's a psycho pastor guy from Wisconsin working in Freeport, Illinois, and absolutely hates those (ew! gross!) homosexual people.

His name: Ralph Ovadal.
His "church"*: Pilgrims Covenant Church

*I put "church" in quotes because this is the website's description of themselves: "an independent, unlicensed church which is fundamental in doctrine."
At least they're not being supported by the rest of the Christian faith.

And this, my friends, is priceless:
Fascism is a political system whereby all opposition to and dissent from the government is disallowed and crushed. Fascism is a philosophy which tolerates no deviation from an established norm, that being the dictates of a powerful elite. Fascism is opposed to the eternal, unchanging, objective law of God and is based on the subjective desires and goals of those who have the power to crush their opposition. In many Western nations, a form of fascism has taken root and presents a clear, present, and growing danger to Christian liberty and the Church of Jesus Christ. This force for evil may justly be referred to as "homo-fascism" due to the fact that those espousing and driving it have as their goal to demonize, marginalize, and silence any criticism of or opposition to homosexual acts and the sodomite agenda.

Proof of this Homo-Fascism:
-Gay-Straight Alliances in schools (indoctrinating the young'uns! Oh no!)
-The National Day Of Silence (interrupts our lives! seeing discrimination in my face! i can't handle it!)
-Protests against the Red Cross' (discriminatory) policy on not accepting sexually active gay men's blood
-of course, liberal gay bias on college campuses
-the obvious connections between all gay people and support of the Nazi/neo-Nazi movement
-the obvious connections between all gay people and support of the communist party (which, of course, is evil)

Oh, also, "PFLAG kills children." Seriously.

The best thing from the "church's" website:

And one last thing to make your blood boil:
(On the "lies" the high school GSAs are propagating:

First it was the physical violence epidemic against "GLBT" youth which, in reality, was a sodomite or lesbian occasionally getting a bloody nose for sexually hitting on a red-blooded American male or female in the locker room.

[Edited To Add]
Oh wait, there's more.
Some handy pamphlet-type things, to condemn those queers:
Is someone You Know A Bugger?

Homosexuality: The Truth (Christ Can Set You Free)

Do Homosexuals Spend Eternity in Heaven or Hell? (Hell, of course)

Rape, Murder, and Homosexuality (Obviously all synonyms...)

That's all.

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