Saturday, February 23, 2008

in the works.

a (numbered, of course) list of some posts that i'm thinking about, some things which may turn into full-fledged posts (or, you know, may not) in the near future:

1) how to be an organizer, an activist working for social change in a social movement environment that devalues, even discourages, individual healing. how to not lose or abandon yourself or your needs in your dedication to creating social change.
(in the works 'cause i have yet to find a solution to this dilemma. i'm workin' on it.)

2) on a much more personal note: on healing before and/or within (romantic?) relationships. this will mostly be a comparison, a record of my evolution from thinking i needed to hide my past in order to be in a relationship to my thoughts and beliefs about it now. both the post and my thoughts on the topic are works in progress.

3) the ways in which a lot of women's reluctance to reject and deferment to the desires of (especially hetero) men is not only a sign of her own individual woundedness, but also indicative of our shared woundedness. i also want to discuss how "the patriarchy" (and everything that goes along with it) contributes to our own individual woundedness, how the oppression we feel is rarely capital-p Political, and how healing from it doesn't need to be Political. (healing, though, is inherently political, inherently an act of social change.)

4) communities. creating them, finding them, being whole in them.
(intentionally vague.)

5) connecting activism to its root, the thing that spurs individuals to take action. how often is this a way of playing out (and replaying, fighting this time) their own woundedness and/or victimization?

and, also:
6) writing. my relationship to it, to words. the different forms. (prose, stream of consciousness, personal essay, memoir, poetry, spoken word, etc.) how it can be a conduit of healing.

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