Tuesday, February 26, 2008

updated list: upcoming posts.

my list just keeps growing.
seems the act of living does that.
there are always more (and more and more) things to write about.

so, here goes:
1) organizing, sans self-abandonment.
2) healing and intimate (romantic or otherwise) relationships.
3) shared woundedness, individual woundedness as played out in women's relationships with (hetero) men (examples, in my case, from the food service industry).
4) creating/finding/being in communities.
5) activism as woundedness/victimization, played out. (or not.)
6) writing/healing

and, new to the list:
7) heartbreak. as a heart-opening experience? (as in, the heart breaks, and the heart breaks open.) as exquisite pain. as pain you can learn from. i want to write something about not closing yourself off to feeling that pain. about not trying to erect those walls around your heart again. i want to write something about heartbreak as inspiration for more than angsty love poetry and whiny pop music. i want to write something about heartbreak as opening your eyes to different wounded parts of you that need healing. about not stifling that heartbreak in order to appear "above it" (when you're clearly not), but still containing it when it's not a safe place to express it.
i want to connect heartbreak to a larger picture, i want to explore why we, as a culture, avoid and silence and censor heartbreak so much...with ice cream, distraction, bad movies, chocolate. why we try so hard to not feel it.
i want to write all these things.
but i can't. not yet. it's all a little too raw still.
it will come.

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