Friday, September 16, 2005

because i don't wanna...

Some other bloggers who are covering the Roberts hearings:

bush v choice, with Jessica from feministing

feministing -- roberts + everything else that's going on

Slate has a decent write-up too

Nancy Keenan of NARAL's press release on Roberts' refusal to answer questions

While DailyKos has probably the most extensive coverage of the hearings, I refuse to give them a link, for reasons obvious to anyone who's read the posts about touchy-feely hippies, sanctimonious women's studies types, and idiotic gay rights groups.

I, however, am pretty hopeless about this whole thing. We're probably never going to find out who this guy actually is, and chances are, he's going to get confirmed anyway. I'll be right there when we have to fight for a new Roe v Wade once this one gets almost inevitably overturned, but for now...give others your patronage about Roberts. Because I don't have the heart to do it.


Anonymous said...

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Roberto Shamasio said...

how is 'forex strategy' funny? Keep up the hymen stuff and the womans rights.

Went to carleton U, very feminist campus. Walter Dekeserty Rules.

Something you might enjoy is "forex stragedy". Just kidding. You might enjoy this japanese anime called

Lain, about this school girl who...not gonna give it away. I'ts way awsome. It's on the web somewere, becouse my pall gave it too me, thirteen parts.

Keep up the feminist thing.'

And Kos can't be nearly as bad as little green footballs.