Sunday, September 25, 2005

thank god i'm a new yorker....

I'm very sorry for the rest of you kids, with Senators who lack the balls to vote against the confirmation of John Roberts for Chief Justice.
Because both of my Senators rock enough to oppose the King of Question Aversion

NY Senator 1, Chuck Schumer, is, I admit, kind of an obnoxious asshole. And he's probably only opposing Roberts to try to further his career, and not because of the opinions his constituents (including me) have voiced or his own ideology. But that's ok, because he's casting a "no" vote on Roberts!

NY Senator 2, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who's not nearly as much of an asshole as Schumer, is opposing his confirmation as well.

Even though his nomination is imminent, since almost all Repubs are behind him, and the Dems are too cowardly to filibuster him (like this: "Some lawmakers and legal analysts claimed the three Democrats [on the committee] -- Sens. Patrick Leahy, Russ Feingold and Herbert Kohl -- likely supported Roberts so they would not be cast as obstructionists.") , I've got the good ones.

I *heart* my Senators. :)

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