Friday, February 24, 2006

almost forgot

The Ninth Carnival of Feminists is up at Mind the Gap.

Damn, this one is gooooood. (And wicked long.)

I'm in it!

My favourites from this carnival (which is really difficult, because all the posts are fabulous):

"They asked for it," on gender politics in sport. How when female athletes get injured, it's not because that's the nature of the sport (like what's assumed with male athletes), it's because they shouldn't be doing such crazy athletic stuff anyway. That's men's stuff, you know. What can they expect, doing something so unladylike, other than to get injured?

Brownfemipower's post at Women of Color Blog on identity politics. Really really good. She doesn't give "The Answer" to the issues surrounding identity politics, but she asks a lot of really good questions. A teaser, and my favourite part of this post: "I know that women of color *must* centralize their identities in their politics. We get attacked and violated *because* we are Chicana, Mexican, Indian, Asian, black, Iranian, Arab, etc. We get attacked and violated *because* we are queer, poor, mothers, uneducated, prisoners."

A poignant poem by Kelley Bell, about the dissonance between what we're taught as kids (American Dream, bootstraps, blah blah) and what the real (sexist) world is.

blac(k)ademic's post on black women's sexuality. Especially black lesbians' sexuality. A teaser: "i am invisible. you do not see my face television or in cinema. you do not hear my voice in the popular songs rotating on bet, mtv, or the radio. you do not see me because i am a black lesbian and we do not exist."

Anti-Music Blog analyzes homophobia in NBC's article about male figure skater Johnny Weir. (Whoa, homophobia directed toward male figure skaters? Who'da thunk it?) Discusses how closely homophobia is tied w/ sexism.

Molly's post about the 'mommy wars', or the question of who the better mother is: stay at home moms or working moms? Good questioning of the assumption that stay-at-home moms, those who "opt out" of working, are implicitly better mothers.

Tom Head on the anti-feminist left (mostly male) bloggers. Like, you know, the assfaces on the DailyKos, who think that us feminists should just shut up and stand behind them.

And then, every single post in "Section 3: The Body." And I mean every single post.

Tenth Carnival of Feminists will be at Indian Writing on March 8. To submit, email indianwriting AT gmail DOT com.

Oh, feminist blogosphere, I loooooove you.

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