Thursday, February 09, 2006

PPLMA and Wal Mart

Exciting new direct action scheduled for Massachusetts re: Wal Mart and EC (emergency contraception):

On Saturday, February 25th, volunteers and activists from all over the state will be flooding Wal Mart pharmacies with prescriptions for EC. And, yes, I will be one of them.
We're well aware that Wal Mart stores in Massachusetts do not carry EC, and will refuse to fill these prescriptions. The point is to make it abundantly clear that EC is a "commonly prescribed" medication, and therefore, by Massachusetts state law, all pharmacies, including places like Wal Mart, must carry it.

If you are in Massachusetts, or will be/can be on February 25th, you should participate. Contact the following Grassroots Organizers depending on your location in the state:
Eastern MA/Boston area. Katie:
Central MA/Worcester area. Misty:
Western MA (woo!). Diana (who's absolutely FABULOUS):

If you cannot participate in the direct action, you can do the following:
(From the PPLMA email)
Last week, Wal-Mart's spokesperson was quoted as saying that Wal-Mart is now reviewing their policy nationwide because "Women's health is a high priority for Wal-Mart". Let's help this review along by encouraging Wal-Mart to do the right thing and reverse their policy!
Send an email to Wal-Mart's CEO, Lee Scott, demanding that they complete their review without delay, and change their policy. Emergency contraception is the first and only prescription drug that Wal-Mart has banned from its shelves, denying thousands of female customers, including rape victims and women who have experienced contraceptive failure, a last chance to prevent an unintended pregnancy.
To send an email, use Wal Mart's feedback form here.
If you receive a response to said email, forward it to

I *heart* Massachusetts more and more every day....

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