Saturday, February 11, 2006

carnivals, carnivals, carnivals...

(Numbered only in the order that I discovered them, not in order of importance or whatnot)


1) The eighth carnival of the feminists is now up at Gendergeek.

The ninth will go up at Mind The Gap. Submissions to mindthegapcardiff(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk by Feb 19th.
Optional theme: feminism and the body.


2) The First Radical Women Of Color Carnival is up at reappropriate.

Being the first radical WOC carnival, a lot of the topics are pretty basic, "this is how my racial identity applies to blogging" and resolving-race type things, but still of course very pertinent stuff. And it makes me happy inside that it includes all kinds of radical women of colour, from Asians to black women to Latinas to Chicanas, etc, etc. Oh, and I love love that Jenn at reappropriate adds in that extra "u" to "colour." Because it's just such a prettier word that way.

Second Radical Women Of Colo(u)r Carnival will be up on March 1st at Mamita Mala.


3) The third Carnival Of Bent Attractions is up at daily dose of queer.

This one is fantabulous, especially given the inclusion of a post regarding the infamous "teachercrush". And I'm staying silent as to whether or not I currently have one (or five) of those.

Third Carnival of Bent Attractions will be up at Transcending Gender on March 10th. Go here to submit a blog post.

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