Thursday, January 26, 2006

Alito Blogging: on the spineless and not-so-spineless Dems

In good news, both of my Senators (Clinton & Schumer) have pledged to vote against Alito in the confirmation vote.

And my surrogate Senators, since I live in MA more than I live in NY, have called for a filibuster, which is the only option open to them (no Republicans, even the supposedly pro-choice ones, have said that they will vote no on Alito, and three Democrats have already voiced their support for the nominee).
And, therefore, the only option available to not overturn Roe, and the only option available to keep the doctrine of separation of powers in tact.

Also, a scathing op-ed piece in the NY Times today, entitled Senators in Need of a Spine that's well worth the read. My favourite part:
A filibuster is a radical tool. It's easy to see why Democrats are frightened of it. But from our perspective, there are some things far more frightening. One of them is Samuel Alito on the Supreme Court.

In not so good news, there have been a lot more stories about Democratic Senators warning against the prospect of a filibuster, including Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, who said:
“Because we have such a full plate of pressing issues before Congress, a filibuster at this time would be, in my view, very counterproductive. It is imperative that we remain focused on creating the tools New Orleans, Louisiana and the Gulf Coast will need to rebuild....We simply cannot afford to bring the Senate to a halt at a time when we need its action the most.

What does she not understand about the lifetime appointment of a radical right-winger who wants to overturn Roe and subscribes to the far-fetched, uber-neo-conservative idea of the unitary executive (which basically means more powers for the executive branch than are specifically enumerated in the Constitution)???
There is no Senate action more important than this right now, because nothing else before the Senate will have such far-reaching and devastating consequences as an Alito confirmation.

I hate hate hate that these people we elected so completely lack a spine.

Arlen Specter (R-PA, supposedly "pro-choice," but is voting for Alito) says that a behind-the-scenes count says that they have the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster.
We need 41 Dems to get behind this.
So please, please, if you have a Democratic Senator, call her/him and get her/him on the boat with this.
Numbers can be found here.

Because, damn it, I don't want to have to say goodbye to Roe in a eulogy.

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