Wednesday, January 11, 2006

day three of the alito hearings

Ok, I've been watching this since 8pm (CSPAN re-airs the entire day of hearings each night at 8pm), and still, I've got a) far too much anger to coherently put together a sentence (Senator Coburn, for example, is making me want to shoot myself in the toe with his supposed-to-be-medical opinions on abortion. He even did the stupid breast-cancer/abortion link, which has been medically disproved.), and b) far too much reading to do on the rest of our government's asshattery for my Legal Implications of the War on Terror class.

So I'm just going to point you all to the Planned Parenthood blog, Now What?! via, which has very very efficiently liveblogged the hearings today, and also to Bush v Choice, via NARAL, blogged by feministing's Jessica.

Items thrown at the TV in unbridled anger thus far:
-2 pillows
-my moose stuffed animal (and again after she was retrieved from the floor)
-my build-a-bear bear, Lily
-book (ironically, Silencing Political Dissent by Nancy Chang)
-book (again with the irony, Enemy Alien by David Cole)
-1 shoe

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