Wednesday, January 11, 2006

ok, fuck the schoolwork...

I just found this site, whose purpose is to publicise the "sickest joke."

And yes, this includes rape jokes. And domestic violence jokes. And such.
It even has in its explanation of the thread: "Extra points for any anecdotes about using this off-colour material and causing huge offence."

How is this ok???

A sample of the sick, sick shit:
Q: What's black and blue, and hates sex?
A: rape victim

The rest below the flip.

Q: What are three things a black person can't get?
A: black eye, a fat lip and a job.

Q: What do you say to a girl with two black eyes?
A:Nothing, you've told her twice already

Q: Whats the best thing about shagging twenty five year olds?
A: There's twenty of them.

--A paedophile and a kid are walking into the woods at night.
the kid turns to the paedophile and says "it's dark! I'm scared!".
the paedophile says "YOU'RE scared? I've got to walk back out on my own!"

Q: What do you do when the dishwasher stops working?
A: Smack her across the face.

Q: How does a hillbilly know his little sister's periods have started?
A: His dad's dick tastes funny!

Q: Why do black women wear high heels?
A: To keep their knuckles from dragging

-- Woman stumbles into the Police Station.
"Help, I've just been raped by two council workers!"
The policemen look bemused and ask "How do you know they were with the council?"
She shouts "I had to do all the fucking work!"

Q: how do you make a baby cry twice?
A: use its teddy to clean the blood off your cock

Q: What's the difference between a black man and a bike?
A: A bike doesn't sing "Old Man River" when you put the chain on it.


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