Tuesday, January 10, 2006

seriously, virginia. come on now.

Call me naive, but I didn't think that state legislatures could really still get away with being so vehemently and unashamedly homophobic.

But that's exactly what the Virginia legislature is doing, with this new bill they want to pass that would prevent the use of artificial insemination by unmarried women.

It's no secret that this bill is targeted at same-sex couples (both gay and lesbian, but especially lesbian) who want to start a family.

The measure would forbid medical professionals from providing to unmarried women “certain intervening medical technology” that “completely or partially replaces sexual intercourse as the means of conception.” The bill provides a list of medical procedures, including “artificial insemination by donor” and invitro fertilization.

Can the old white men's fear of their penises being replaced by technology be any clearer???

This bill was sponsored by Robert Marshall(R-Manassas), who also sponsored the (unsuccessful) bill last term to ban gay adoptions, and is a sponsor of bans on same-sex marriage and some severe anti-choice legislation, the latter two which will be before the VA legislature this term.


But EqualityVirginia is on it. They've got a ton of work to do with people like Marshall in their legislature though, so if you're a Virginia resident, click here to send a message to Bob Marshall, or click here to give a donation or become a member.

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