Wednesday, January 04, 2006

carnival of feminists part 6 (and 5...)

Since I somehow missed announcing the Fifth Carnival of Feminists (what do you want from me? It was totally during finals week, when I was awake for 99 hours straight. Oh, the tribulations of being a student and blogger during finals...), this is also a plug for that one.
Numero Five is at scribblingwomen is all about everything, with a pretty little holiday image. From sex to theory to organizing to motherhood to technological stuff, it's got a little bit of everything.
Good stuff.

And now, the Sixth Carnival of Feminists is up at reappropriate. (Which, I might add, is a very aesthetically pleasing blog.) It's got some good, amazing posts on The Intersection of Race & Gender, some media criticism, and some other random stuff.
Also, amazing stuff.

Have I mentioned how much I love feminist bloggers? Because I do. Like whoa.

Seventh Carnival of Feminists will be at my personal favourite blog, Feministe. Due up on Jan 18th. I'll link to it then.

Happy reading!

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