Monday, January 02, 2006

Barbie ushers in the gender revolution?

Oh, good lord.

So, evidently, Barbie now "promotes gender confusion" on its website.
Turns out, the Mattel toy's website, (which, by the way, sort of makes me want to vomit with the overwhelming stereotypically "girly" setup), recently had a poll up for kids age 4-8, and after asking the child's age, it asked the child's sex.
It gave THREE OPTIONS. ("girl," "boy," and "I don't know")

Martha Cleter, policy analyst for Concerned Women for America (the most infuriating organization ever), interviews Bob Knight, director of CWA's Culture & Family Institute, on a radio show type thing:
Click here to listen to their crazy babble.

All about the "homosexual agenda" and how Barbie is "taking plays right out of the Homosexual Agenda's playbook," and the targeting of little kiddies through the inclusion of "Questioning" in the ever-increasing Acronym Of Queerness.

Infuriating, but Hi-fucking-larious.

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