Thursday, August 11, 2005

700 club: "operation supreme court freedom"

Oh, Pat Robertson, you make me laugh.

"we've committed the month of August to praying for the Supreme Court."

700 Club reporter: "Does his [John Roberts'] position in that case [gay rights pro bono case] translate to a support of gay rights?"
Fred Thompson:"No, not at all...He didn't, of course represent them in court or anything like that."

Oh, and they also tried to discredit NARAL's new ad criticizing John Roberts, saying that it's a "radical left group." "How low will these left groups go?"

Aww, and they're saying that every judicial decision should be based on "hey, this is the word of God, let's follow that."
Because that's ethical and goes with the whole "freedom of religion" thing that our country was founded on.

"If we're committed to hearing from God as a Judeo-Christian country once again."
Wait. When were we a j-c country to begin with?


And then the requisite Muslim-turned-Christian story. They actually said that she found "the real God."
"If my God is real, why am I living like this?"
Nothing like the looking-for-answers-in-an-answerless-faith.
"We are helping Muslims like ____ find who God really is."

And then there's something about ice cream "getting the gospel out." Not just any ice cream, though...gotta be Moose Tracks.
At least this is good for providing some decent entertainment.

What's scary, though, is that some people actually devoutly believe this, and think that Pat Robertson's going to save their soul.

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