Monday, August 01, 2005

Pataki strikes again...

My fabulous governor (who I can be proud to say I never voted for) George Pataki has proved his douchebagness yet again.

He's promised to veto a new bill in the NY legislature that would guarantee EC's (morning-after pill's) over-the-counter availability.

His "logic" behind potential veto?

Kevin C. Quinn, a spokesman for the governor, said in a statement that the governor's main objection was that the bill did not include provisions that would prevent minors from having access to the drug.

Because I hate it when those gonna-have-sex-anyway teenage girls can actually prevent those pregnancies that they obviously deserve for having sex in the first place. (please note the sarcasm)

Shitty thing is, Pataki's mostly been on the pro-choicer's side of the abortion debate. But now that the good ol' boy's planning on running for president in '08, he's gotta make good with the pro-lifers that make up so much of the disturbed Republican constituency.

NARAL Pro-Choice NY executive director Kelli Conlin:
"This is about pandering to the right wing of the Republican Party rather than doing what's right for the women of New York."

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