Wednesday, August 10, 2005

staying out of this one

Oh, by the way:

No, I am not going to comment on the bitter war being waged between avid pro-choicers/groups like NARAL and the Democrats who claim to be oh-so-progressive.

See this story on DailyKos if you want to get involved.

I, however, lost faith in both the two-party system and the Democratic party a long, long time ago. The only reason I ever vote for Democrats is not blind devotion to a party that fucks women over time and time again, but because Dems tend to be the lesser of two evils. Note that last part of the sentence: 'of two evils.' Because the Democratic Party is really just as corrupt as the Republican Party, they're just a little bit nicer about it as they're fucking you up the ass.

Dems: "Oh, I'm really sorry, this is just the way it's got to be. Does that hurt? I'm sorry. Here, have a social program that won't do anything for the greater good to help you deal with your immediate pain."

Repubs: "Oh, that hurts? Too bad. Deal with it. You know, in my day, we had to walk uphill to school both ways, and a real American works for his money and you're not patriotic if you complain. etc etc etc."


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