Sunday, August 14, 2005

geena davis for president?

So I'm sitting here, watching abc (I know I know, mainstream media is evil), and there was just a "sneak peek" (basically, just a really long trailer) for that new show with my favourite Geena Davis, Commander in Chief.

It showcased some of the highlights of the show when it deals with the 'problems' of a woman the following:
Pres's Chief of Staff: "This country doesn't need social advancements."
Geena Davis: "You mean, this country doesn't need a woman president."

Main problem with this: Assuming that all women politicians only care about "women's issues" - i.e. domestic and "social advancements," not the "real stuff" like foreign policy, and, you know, bombing little defenseless countries because they "have weapons of mass destruction."

I admit: The premise of this show does have promise. Its intention is, after all, to debunk the fears surrounding the idea of a woman president, something which I'm all for.
But the way it's going about it...not exactly the route I'd take, to say the least.

Considering that they're not at all challenging the idea that a woman is family-oriented first, politician second.
Made abundantly clear by their (over-dramatic)
buzzwords that were flashed on the screen near the end, in this order:



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