Monday, August 22, 2005

honey, i'm home

Well, I'm back home with my parents for a couple weeks before I head off to Smith for a fresh start, which means that I'm back to internet access and a relatively dependable computer.

Even if it is crappy dial-up internet, which chafes on my patience like an ill-fitted bra chafes on my boobs.

I suppose I'll live, though.


And to start off the string of back-to-blogging posts, I'd like to start with a small sampling of fun terms I've come across in the blogosphere lately.

The following from BAM vagazine:
"Shejaculation (v): the art of female ejaculation."
"Genderalizations (n): Sweeping statements based on gender groups."

A Few Fun Nicknames for Bush:
-(always a classic) Bushie
-The Shrub

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