Saturday, August 06, 2005

being genderqueer is anti-Judeo-Christian values? no way!

I was going to write a little bitchfest about Dennis Prager's awful article on about the problem that those with Judeo-Christian "values" have with the "T" part of the LGBQT acronym (T being, of course, transgender and/or transsexual). Talk about why "most" transgendered people DON'T necessarily identify as heterosexual men (no way -- you mean there are actually people who want to be something other than a hetero man?), and why it's really doesn't go against lgbq principles to include the trans kids in our acronym.

But I really don't think I could ever put it any better than Jill over at feministe already did. So go, click on that link, enjoy Jill's commentary, and imagine me nodding emphatically after every few sentences.

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