Sunday, August 14, 2005

ovaries = tools of the patriarchy

Fucking ow.

My boobs hurt.

Honestly, god, was it necessary to make women's lives so hellish once a month?
Sometimes I think that our bodies were created to uphold the patriarchy. Because really. Why else give us such a disadvantage?

Maybe some parts of PMS are socially constructed, like mood swings/the stigma of said mood swings, but this? my boobache and my constant headache and my tummy's anger? Not socially constructed or psychosomatic shit.

So, all I have to say is,

Fuck you, ovaries. Fuck you.

(In Twisty Faster fashion, I blame the patriarchy for this.
Or maybe I blame my ovaries for helping perpetuate the patriarchy.
Or whoever created the ovary and implanted two of them in women's bodies.
Whatever. I blame you. All of you. Damn you all.)

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