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I really didn't know that people could be this incredibly ignorant/stupid/ill-informed/cold/insensitive.

I guess there's some asshole named Mike Adams, an uber-conservative criminal justice professor (who somehow managed to manipulate his way into getting tenure) at University of North Carolina - Wilmington who's on a warpath to destroy the "diversity movement" on college campuses.
And silly me, I wasn't even aware that diversity was a bad thing.
Not only is he typical Republican in that he's anti-affirmative-action, but he's evidently anti-any kind of diversity at all.

This week, his beef is with transgendered people, namely UNCW's sponsorship of a film showing of Trans Generation, a documentary that follows 4 youths' gender transitions.

The "points" that he intends to bring up when he attends this film (and, I hope, subsequently gets his ass handed to him on a plate when he pisses off every feminist and transperson in the place):

1. I noticed that the Women’s Resource Center is co-sponsoring this program. Is that because they are pleased that two of the students in the film wanted to have surgery in order to become women?

2. Is the Women’s Resource Center offended by the two women who wanted to become men? Will the two new men get their new hoo-hoo dillies from the two new women? How does that work, exactly?

3. When a woman has a hoo-hoo dilly surgically attached, does that not legitimize Freud’s sexist notion of penis envy? Is that something the Women’s Center really wants to touch - figuratively speaking?

4. Is it misogyny that causes a woman to have a sex-change?

5. Is it mister-ogyny that causes a man to have a sex change?

6. In the past, UNC has spent tax-dollars to address the problem of teen self-mutilation. Why is the system now spending tax dollars to encourage self-mutilation in the form of sex-changes? Are we, a) having trouble making up our minds or do we, b) enjoy going in complete circles at tax-payer expense?

7. Most people think of someone who wants to surgically remove his or her sex organs as mentally ill. How did the diversity movement arrive at the conclusion that this is not a sign of mental illness? And how did it become a cause for celebration as we “celebrate sexual diversity” with taxpayer-funded events?

8. The last time I saw a trans-gendered person at a UNCW diversity event, she (formerly he) said (when she was a he) that he was advised by his psychiatrist to move to a cabin in the mountains. The reason was that he (now a she) was so violent and dangerous that he (now she) might hurt someone. But when he became a she by cutting off his hoo-hoo dilly, she became less angry. Does the university support hoo-hoo dilly removal as a form of anger management?

9. Have you ever considered putting a fence around UNCW and hanging up a sign that says “Welcome to the North Carolina State Zoo?”

10. If your answer to number 9 was “yes,” I know some capitalists that could help you out. Together we could sell tickets and erase some of this wasteful government spending.

a) Ok, seriously. "hoo-hoo dilly"? And you're supposed to be a grown man? Honestly, Mike. If this was an attempt at humour...I just pity you.

b) Sex changes as manifestations of self-mutilation? I don't even know how to react to that. Maybe if it made sense, I could dignify it with a response.

c) The rest of it is just stupid, with no basis in that silly little thing called "reality."
Oh, and the "zoo" comment? Is it really possible to be that intolerant and ignorant? I can't even fathom how these people can be so cold and unfeeling. Maybe it's my upbringing as a human being, but it doesn't make sense to me.

I think that the little dedication-type thing at the bottom of the page says a lot, though: "Mike S. Adams got the inspiration for this column from former Senator Jesse Helms."

Jesse over at Pandagon also does a pretty good job of calling this guy's bullshit, so you can just head over there for his commentary.

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