Tuesday, August 02, 2005

my new Life Plan

via the (ex) Roommate

I'm too sick and tired of the f-ing Patriarchy to deal with any of the most recent asinine actions of politicians and the like, so instead, I will regale you with my newest Life Plan, as will be undertaken with (ex) Roommate.

After we have acquired our master's and/or ph.d's in some sort of queer/feminist-related field, we will settle down in one of two places, depending on how much we feel like taking on The Patriarchy: either a very scary right-wing town (preferably with a university or college, so that we can take on teaching jobs if necessary/desired) with a plethora of homophobes and anti-feminists (a la Jerry Falwell), or a gay/liberal mecca like Northampton, Massachusetts.

There, we will then purchase a large well-located house, preferably of the Pretty Victorian style, and revamp it into a Queer/Feminist Sanctuary and Refuge to Escape from the Patriarchy.

Things (thus far) that will be included in the Sanctuary:
-a LARGE, comfy library/study, with numerous overstuffed comfy chairs, lots of pillows, big pretty desks, and tons and tons of feminist/women's/queer literature along each and every wall. (Basically, all I need to be happy in life.)
-a queer counseling center, equipped with both counselors/therapists (if in Noho, pulled from recent grads of the Smith School for Social Work) and psychiatrists to dole out meds and/or hormones when necessary. This will be our main source of income, since most of the services will be completely free of charge.
-support groups for numerous things, mostly focused on queer stuff (parents of queers, queer parenting support, coming out, etc)
-(possibly) a domestic violence shelter, especially open to the queer kids who get fucked over by their partner(s).
-educational programs for both queer and feminist causes
-anything else that comes up as potentially useful.

Money issues (i.e. how we'll pay for it, how we'll have any kind of income, etc.) have yet to be decided, but that'll come later. Perhaps we'll have to hire a feminist-inclined econ major or something to handle our finances, since we're both pretty inept at such things.

Also, I will hopefully be involved in some kind of feminist political lobbyist/social change organization which will somehow be worked into the workings of our little Paradise.

And, I get to be in charge of creating the library/study space. This is something that excites me immensely. (What can I say? I'm a shameless women's studies nerd.)

(Hopefully, I'll be less fed up with the Patriarchy tomorrow. Well, maybe not less fed up, but more able to handle its douche-iness. I promise, I won't leave y'all hanging forever.)

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